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Overview of Public Fundraising Regulatory Association (PFRA)

Fundraiser and donor Greenpeace

The purpose of the PFRA is to regulate and monitor face-to-face fundraising in New Zealand.

The PFRA was initially established by three member charities in 2006 to support Auckland and Wellington Councils manage face-to-face fundraising. 

With an increased number of charities choosing to fundraise in this way there was a need to improve professional standards as well as co-ordination, monitoring, rostering and regulation.

Auckland and Wellington Councils had limited resources to co-ordinate face-to-face fundraising and so their (and the PFRA) preference was for charities to self regulate. This model has been successfully adopted in other developed countries around the world such as the UK's PFRA and Australia.

The PFRA is a ‘not for profit’ Incorporated Society of charity members and associate agents who conduct face-to-face fundraising in New Zealand. PFRA is governed by a Board, which comprises: 

  • Ellen Voller (Chair) - Unicef
  • Abigail Smith (Vice Chair) - Greenpeace
  • Angela Norton - Fred Hollows Foundation
  • Gareth Davies - Save the Children
  • Jason Cowlam - Red Cross
  • Greg Millar - WWF
  • Mick Rose - Appco Group Support Ltd
  • Kerry Johnstone - Aida for Good

PFRA works closely with the Fundraising Institute of New Zealand (FINZ) and PFRA Australia.

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