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A message from Facebook: "Just have to praise the lovely Ayla who came to my door in Christchurch fundraising for Cure Kids. Usual door knockers are trying to sell double glazing or some fancy shmancy vaccum that I don't care about. It was so awesome to see a younger person so passionate about such a good cause. She was absolutely lovely. Full of information and not pushy whatsoever.I have wanted to help out Cure Kids for a long time and I'm glad I finally can now. It would be awesome for Ayla to know that she is an awesome person for what she is doing and it was a pleasure to meet her." Nicole, Christchurch

IHC new donor Lisa said Blain, IHC fundraiser was “well presented, very passionate and engaging” and that she was pleased to note that he was “ informative without being pushy”, she also said he made her feel “connected with what IHC is about”.

"I just wanted to make a shout out to a door to door collector who came round today at Pakuranga Heights. She was really sincere and enthusiastic even though it was pouring with rain." Forest and Bird fundraiser. T.G. Pakuranga Heights.

"The Save the Children fundraisers were so lovely and friendly and really nice with our residents" Auckland Business Association.

"Grace from the Red Cross was absolutely wonderful.  She was very very friendly and very very informative. She was extremely positive and she made me want to talk to her all day.  She is a beautiful person and it shines right out of her.  Grace is the right person for the job".  J - Gisborne

"Peter from Red Cross New Zealand was amazing. He totally blew me away with his knowledge" M, Karori, Wellington

"Alisha from Red Cross New Zealand was excellent and she was the reason why I signed up. She was convincing in the way she approached me" – G of Auckland

"Ed from Red Cross New Zealand was awesome. You need lots more like him. He was really really good and really friendly" – E of Porirua. *Ed won our fundraiser of the year competition in 2013.

Red Cross NZ - "I'd give her 10 out of 10 - she was excellent and explained everything about Red Cross NZ - she was really good and was a really nice person"  - C, Whangarei

IHC - "Really good, perfect. Knew everything and made sure I knew what I was doing. Covered everything in the end" - E.S., Freemans Bay

Red Cross NZ – “He was really great and pretty knowledgeable. I got a lot of information from him. He explained the work they do well and was really friendly and genuine” - R.M., Whangarei.

"Derek was very good - very capable - I was very happy with the whole proceeding - very genuine - can tell he cares about the children" – Roger, Dunedin talking about an IHC ambassador

“So lovely - she made my day and made sure it was manageable for me - she gave a lot of information about the work Red Cross does in the community”

“He was good - very chirpy and energetic, convincing but not pushy in anyway and answered any questions I had - a good representative”

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