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Phone: 0220 613 643


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PO Box 11203
Manners Street
Wellington, 6142

Joining the PFRA

If your organisation is considering a face-to-face fundraising please contact us to enquire how we can help you with information to ensure the sustainability and continued professionalism of face-to-face fundraising.


Feedback, Issues & Complaints

All PFRA members adhere to a strict code of conduct covering the behaviour of face-to-face fundraisers or charity street traders on the street, door to door, business to business and charity street trading or petitioning. If you have a complaint regarding the behaviour of fundraisers please contact the PFRA.

Any breaches of the code of conduct are taken extremely seriously and penalties are imposed. Member organisations will only be allowed to continue fundraising if the PFRA is satisfied that the highest standards of behaviour will be maintained. A copy of the PFRA Complaints process is available on request.

Please note we are receiving a spate of contacts with false phone numbers  PFRA does not accept complaints without a valid phone number and email OR a valid email and proof of identity and address.

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