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Note: Industry Statistics and Mystery Shopping project details to come.

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August 2015 - Greenpeace's Laura Hazle blogs about face to face fundraising -

March 2015 -  TED Talk - - only 11 minutes long and a great insight into the charity overhead myth.

14 Feb 2014 - Mumbrella blog. Australia's Amnesty International gave a great response to critism of their street trading activity in Australia, and it is a good explanation of charities reasoning for doing direct dialogue fundraising.

December 2013  -The PFRA Standard for Charity Street Trading is signed off. This document provides professional standards for all charity street sales activity.

17 May 2013 - PFRA is pleased to announce its new Board Chair is Ellen Voller, Unicef and its new Vice Chair is Abigail Smith, Greenpeace.

16 July 2012 - Third Sector Website - "Face to face fundraising - A case for the defence".

June 2012 - FINZ Newz Viewz magazine - "Do you have a couple of minutes?"article on face to face fundraising research.

Sept 2011 - FINZ Newz Viewz magazine "The PFRA - monitoring face to face fundraising."

Feb 2011 - UK media article - "Do you have a moment to hear about the chugger?"

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