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Our approach to face-to-face acquisition is refreshingly unique. NS Fundraising specialise in a two-step approach which gives people the time they need to make a considered decision to support your cause. We do not apply any pressure, nor are we pushy or deal with rejection by ignoring it. Instead we leave people with a positive impression of your charity and the whole experience even if they do not sign up. As a result our method has very low attrition.

It works by delivering a reusable booklet about your charity and making an informal arrangement to return, usually the following day, to collect the booklet. The booklet explains your case and asks people to consider becoming a regular donor. On the second visit, we collect the booklet and ask if the person would like to support your charity. At all times we remain polite, respectful and never try to 'convert' people who say 'no'.

If you would like to find out more about our unique approach to face-to-face or any of our other fundraising services please contact us.

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