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The PFRA regulating and monitoring direct dialogue fundraising

Greenpeace fundraiser CharlotteThe Public Fundraising Regulatory Association (PFRA) regulates and monitors all direct dialogue fundraising across New Zealand.

Direct dialogue fundraising (sometimes called face to face fundraising) is a means of raising ongoing, regular donations (usually by direct debit or credit card) from donors through street or door to door fundraising or charity street trading.

Almost 70.000 New Zealanders chose to sign up to regularly support a charity last year, donating over $42 million in that year, and almost a quarter of a million people have signed up over the last 4 years, donating over $150 million  to their chosen causes through this type of fundraising. Over 125,000 supporter items have been sold to benefit charities (via face to face methods).

Twenty-nine charities operate within the PFRA, more details of members can be found on PFRA members. Any organisation conducting direct dialogue fundraising in New Zealand should be a member of the PFRA.

All members sign up to a strict code of conduct called the Standard of Face to Face Fundraising Practice or the Standard of Charity Street Trading.

This site aims to provide you with key information about the PFRA and the direct dialogue fundraising Industry.

You can also find information about the PFRA, our complaints process and information specifically for Councils or Business Associations/Local Boards.


Watch this space for more info on F2FCon. It is the first annual Face to Face Fundraising Global Convention (F2FCon). - to be held in April 2016 in Cancun, Mexico.

PFRA has been asked why fundraisers do not accept one-off donations. We acknowledge as technology becomes more accessible there will be more means of donating on the street or at doors, these may include eftpos or one-off website donation. PFRA supports new methods of donation IF the appropriate forms of accountability and process are in place to protect the donor and fundraiser. We do not allow cash collection on public street sites or door to door (at this stage), this is due to accountability and to avoid normalising cash collection which can be abused by fraudsters door to door.

Consumer NZ's 'Do not knock' campaign - the PFRA supports the intent of Consumer NZ to reduce door to door sales fraud and increase transparency for door to door sales through their campaign. Charity fundraisers welcome the process. Should members of the public have any charity fundraising complaints please contact us.

The latest PFRA Rule Book is in the Member's section, please ensure all fundraisers have a copy


Please ensure you ALWAYS get permission to fundraise regionally


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